Mandalas to believe in you


Aprende a creer más en ti practicando tu inglés y tu creatividad.


A mandala notebook focused on helping you believe more in yourself through creativity.



When we are painting, we feel a «relaxation response» in our body, helping us to recover energy after strenuous activities due to work, physical activities, etc.


The benefits of painting mandalas are:


  • Helps to relax: This type of organic or geometric figures has a spiritual component: the simple fact of observing it produces a certain hypnotic sensation that relaxes and produces calm.


  • Improve our ability to concentrate: By coloring mandalas, we activate concentration. As they are geometric figures with a certain symmetry, it is necessary to be concentrated so as not to make a mistake on which line you paint a certain color.


  • It is part of the meditation: By painting mandalas we are practicing mindfulness, since we are totally focused on the task and, therefore, we do not think about day-to-day concerns.


  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels: By relaxing our body on a physiological level and putting worries aside, it reduces anxiety and stress levels caused by everyday situations or current problems. Several studies have shown that painting mandalas reduces anxiety much more than painting any other drawing or on another surface. In addition, coloring mandalas helps you leave behind the negative thoughts that are recurring in your mind. So much so that any of the ways to color mandala drawings will be effective for you to reduce this internal speech that does not stop repeating itself. Also, when you see the mandala coloring pages, it can remind you of the positive feelings you experienced during the process.
  • And more like:
  • We let our rational part rest.
  • Helps the expression and identification of emotion.
  • Promotes personal acceptance and self-knowledge.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • You dedicate time to yourself.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Reconnect with your inner child.